After struggling through many changes in 2010 from a personal standpoint, I've never in my life felt so low. Now, I understand why people take extended timeout to come to terms on their devastating losses.

In the back of my mind, the events still felt so real. HY said time to get over it...Ok, let's take it one step at a time. Maybe, next year when I pay my respects I will start to smile because deep down in my heart I know dad and fourth brother are resting in peace. Sad thoughts aside, I only have this book to share today.

A book by Bill Gates Senior, "Showing Up for Life".

I think this quote in the book is the best way to sum it up:

Life is the ultimate teacher, but it is usually through experience and not scientific research that we discover its deeper lessons. We are all here for a single purpose: to grow in wisdom and learn to love. We can do this through losing as well as through winning, by having and by not having, by succeeding or by failing. All we need to do is to show up openhearted for class...So fulfilling life's purpose may depend more on have we play than what we are dealt. You have to be present to win.

Till my next posting...Remember to show up!

Yesterday a highly talented friend of mine shared that his website hits has grown. I thought it is great piece of news to share with all. As there are millions of websites on the Internet, it really takes good effort and sheer determination to keep on keeping on with the quality writing to gain those hits!

This brings us to the quality every individual needs to strive to have in his/her arsenal, Perseverance. It is obvious that you want to fight for something good instead of bad. Keep doing the bad thing may bring you worse thing. So, we are to stay clear of the bad ones and keep working on the good things to pike up those scores. Remember, it is a journey and never a destination. Sometimes, your perseverance covers more distances. Other days it may not move an inch.

May I wish all more successes and keep on keeping on!

Back in 2008, I wrote this article about, Do You Have A Will?. I would like to emphasize again the necessities of having a will. Forget about the old myth of having a will also mean that the death is near. Not having a living will can create a lot of extraordinary admin works for your descendants later on. One other thing, CPF monies cannot distributed via a will. You need go down to CPF office and fill up a nomination form to indicate who your beneficiaries are.

Peace, health and harmony.

During hard times,there's is no doubt that there are almost always couple with anguish and sadness.

Time has proven that it will always heal all. Keeping our heads up and senses clear are the best way forward. Using history as valuable lessons for all to learn from mistakes made, and reminding ourselves the costly consequences if it is repeated.

Talk, talk, and talk. Communicate, communicate and communicate. It is as simple as that. Shutting yourself up ain't going to help yourself or others. I pray for peace, harmony, happiness and health for my family and all. Stay united during adversities, and we can conquer all challenges.

Anyway, isn't this what our ah Gong wanted. This is how I was named.

Here is a great passage from this book, The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, that I have read:

Keep On Keeping On
When fear knocks at the door of your mind, or when worry, anxiety and doubt cross your mind, behold your vision, your goal. Think of the infinite power within your subconscious mind, which can generate your thinking and imagining. This will give you confidence, power, and courage. Keep on, persevere, until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away.

From past mistakes and failures learnt, we strive to overcome the same or new challenges tomorrow. As mentioned in the Joseph's book, in life we have to keep on keeping on.

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